Ryan Ellis
Head Egg
I’d be Keith Richards so I could know what it felt like to be a rock star playing music in front of a stadium of people and absolutely nail a guitar solo.
Skiing 4 feet of fresh powder with my wife all day, enjoying a delicious meal, and then having a few beers with friends.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Green. I like being a part of growth.
A bird. I like to get around efficiently, see the world from different perspectives, and enjoy flying through the trees (currently by bike).
Danielle Duran
Being a human is hard, I would take a little break from personhood for a day and be a song bird or a deer.
I would probably go for a hike in the Colorado back country and pack a lunch to eat at some scenic location up in the mountains. Then on the way back, stop at a small town brewery for a cold beer!
I probably wouldn’t eat it for breakfast, but I must say, Reese’s Puffs is amazing. It shouldn’t even be considered a breakfast cereal though, more of a dessert.
I’d like to think I would be a fox.
Angie Quigley
Social Media Guru
Someone who is far less fortunate than me. Everyone needs to be humbled.
It’s over the temperature of 70 degrees and involves pizza, wine, and corgis.
Is granola a cereal?
Dolphin. AKA, playful shark fighter.
Tyrell Sands
Lead Graphic Designer
Joe DiMaggio. Not for the obvious reason alone… It would be awesome to play ball with his natural talent, surrounded by legends, in the greatest baseball era of all time.
Fly fishing in the morning, followed by a round of golf in the afternoon. Catch a Rockies game in the evening, read a comic book in bed. Goodnight!
Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.
Red Panda team for life!


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