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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

  So you’ve gotten to the point in your life where you’re in charge of a small business. Good for you! Obviously, you want your business to succeed, and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past ten years, you know that social media is a key aspect of success. Don’t know where to start? Read on to discover how to best use social media to your business’s advantage. In case you actually have been living under a rock, you may wonder what the point is in social media: what’s the benefit of using it? Primarily, social media allows for your marketing strategy to have a big impact with a much lower cost than traditional marketing. Social media gives you a direct line of communication with your current and prospective customers, and it is one of the most effective tools for branding, content marketing, and word of mouth marketing for small businesses. So…it’s important. Step one in building your online presence is to create a marketing and social media strategy. Do this by answering these three key questions: Who is your audience? What are their needs/problems? How can your business/product help? […]

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Does Your Website Need a Facelift?

If you Google “Do I need do update my website” you’re going to get an overwhelmingly loud “YES” from the Internet. Now we know that’s kind of like asking a car dealership if you need a new car, but you can take our word for it when we tell you an updated website is an absolute must in today’s business world. You don’t even have to take our word for it; just take a second to think about it yourself. How do you feel when you access a website that’s out of date and difficult to maneuver? Are you less likely to seek out services/products from that site? Do you have less faith in the company? Are you more likely to find a different, more up-to-date website? If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s three major motivators to keep an updated website: 1.) A website needs to be mobile friendly. It’s not enough to have a well-designed desktop interface if no one can maneuver your website from their phone. “72% of mobile users consider it important that a website is mobile-friendly, and will most likely abandon a website and never revisit if it does not meet their expectations,” says Matt SamyciaWood at IndustrialBrand.com. […]

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Email Newsletters: The Bread and Butter Of Selling

A lot of people talk about the value of email marketing, especially email newsletters. If you don’t do it, they say, you’re missing out. You’re losing sales. But if you’re used to selling by paper, email newsletters can seem foreign. Why are they valuable, and how can you use a great newsletter to kick your [...]

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Prepare for Landing!

Prepare for Landing! Having a website is one thing, getting the most from a website is another. Typically a website visitor will determine whether your site is relevant to their needs in a matter of seconds. The quality of a landing page, which is the page a user lands on after clicking a specific URL, [...]

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Social Media: Take it Personally

Ryan does the ice bucket challenge! Okay, okay, okay. Maybe this wasn’t the greatest title. I’m not saying that if someone says your business stinks that you should take offense. Even worse, you definitely shouldn’t take so much offense that you come back at them with “You Stink!” What I mean is that [...]

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Businesses Are People Too

Business to business marketing can seem awfully daunting. How do your market your goods and services to a business? How would a business find you? The important thing to remember is that businesses are people too and people like content. Not just any kind of content, but relatable, helpful, and creative content. Using content marketing [...]

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Do What You Do Best

We all have things that we are good at. In our personal lives and our professional careers we naturally gravitate towards performing the tasks that we are better at or can do more efficiently. Economist Adam Smith first mentioned the idea of comparative advantage in his book The Wealth of Nations. Later, David Ricardo described [...]

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Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post

Image from Pixar's movie 'Up' Let’s face it. The average attention span of an Internet user is about equal to that of Dug, the dog from Up. “Squirrel!” Anyway, the keys to getting your content read online are to use a reverse pyramid structure and accommodate all different types of reading styles. A [...]

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Reaching Marketing Enlightenment

Are you asking the right questions? When was the last time you took a look back at your marketing plan and reflected? Things may be going well but could they be better? In business, and in life, taking a few hours to think, reflect, and ask the right questions is the most valuable thing you [...]

Your Spring Cleaning Marketing Checklist

Spring is here and it’s time to emerge from hibernation. Many of us have finished, or nearly finished, filing our taxes which usually means we’ve straightened out our books and cleaned up our finances. However, have you taken a look at your marketing efforts? They probably need cleaning up too! While you’re in spring cleaning [...]

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