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Branding is a key piece of every marketing strategy. It guides the way you write, design, sell, and even communicate with leads. Read more about branding on Red Egg Marketing’s blog.

Timeless Marketing Tips

Timeless Marketing Tips Some marketing best practices come and go, but others have stood the test of time. When you are developing a new strategy, you might be tempted to only focus on modern marketing trends, but don’t forget about the tried and true tactics. By focusing on these timeless marketing tips, you’ll see why [...]

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The Wonderful World of Retargeting Ads

The Wonderful World of Retargeting Ads In a perfect world, every customer who visits your website makes a purchase or becomes a lead. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes consumers need a little bit of coaxing and reminding. That’s where retargeting ads come in – and we’re here to tell you [...]

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B®anding. There are a lot of misconceptions about branding, so let’s start with the basics. A brand is not a logo and it's not an "identity" (industry term). A brand is not something you hold, it has little tangible properties whatsoever. A brand is personal. An internal, almost visceral experience you have toward various products, services [...]

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