Project Description

Red Egg Marketing manages a Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign for MSS Cleaning, a local Denver metro area carpet cleaning company.

Case Study: Google AdWords

Carpet cleaning is a very competitive industry. MSS Cleaning hired Red Egg Marketing to create a strategy and implement a pay-per-click Google AdWords campaign. By creating and optimizing targeted landing pages while using an outside-the-box approach, Red Egg Marketing helped MSS Cleaning improve its return on investment and significantly grow their market share in Denver and the surrounding area.

In a landscape flooded with deception and failed promises, Red Egg shines as a beacon of honesty and effective marketing practices. They’re good folks to work with, too. I’ve worked with a number of marketing firms concurrently since I started my business (no less than 4) and Red Egg has been the only company that still has my digital marketing business. In fact, they have actually come to earn the vast majority of my marketing/advertising budget.

Every other “digital marketing company” I have worked with has promised the moon but has failed to deliver a positive return on investment exceeding the cost of the service they rendered. In most cases, it hasn’t even been close. Red Egg actually does what they say they are going to do, which has led to a positive ROI for my company. Furthermore, I actually enjoy working with them and know I can expect honest answers, professional advice, and fair prices.

Andrew Rohr