2017 Real Estate Marketing Trends

So far in 2017, we’ve seen a few stand-out real estate marketing trends that, if you’re not already doing, could be leaving you behind. The increase in younger home buyers has caused real estate marketing to shift more toward social media and videos. People want information on properties, and they want it now. In a saturated real estate market, many agents find themselves asking “How do I make myself stand out?” We have the answers for you.

Social Media

Boosting Posts

Nowadays, social media is more vital than ever to businesses, but it is not always cheap. In the old days, when you posted to Facebook, it would be seen by all your friends and followers. Today that is simply just not the case. For your posts to be seen by the right people, aka potential buyers, you need to allocate advertising dollars to social media marketing. This will not only boost the visibility of your posts to those who already like your page, but you can gear your ads to your target area and demographic to ensure that they are shown to the right people. Investing even a small amount of money can make a huge difference when it comes to social media marketing.


Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms and therefore have the largest reach to potential buyers. First and foremost, using separate accounts for personal and professional use is a good rule to follow. When you mix the two, professionalism and accountability decrease, which is the opposite of what you want when marketing your brand.

When it comes to posting content, follow the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of what you post should be about your brand and product while the other 80% should add value to your followers. Post engaging subject matter about lifestyle, neighborhood events, and things that would attract your potential customers. Engagement is key when it comes to building your brand; the more interactions your posts get, the more people are likely to see them. Asking questions and running social media contests are great ways to get people to join into the conversation and increase your visibility.

Video Marketing


Modern technology has completely changed the way people are finding, seeing, and buying real estate. Showcasing your listings using video not only increases the visibility of your listings, but shows potential buyers more property details than they would be able to see in just pictures alone. Whether you hire a videographer for high-quality footage, or use the camera on an iPhone 7, not investing in video marketing is no longer an option in the real estate space.


Out of all the real estate marketing trends, this is by far the most innovative. Livestreaming is essentially the marriage between social media and video marketing. In a primarily visual industry, livestreaming lines up perfectly with your target market. More and more millennials are ready to buy their first home and marketing to them on their terms has never been more important.

The live streaming platforms to watch are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Snapchat gives followers a more “personal” feel and can add personality and dimension to your brand by showing real time footage and promoting temporary engagement. Instagram is more multidimensional, allowing you to post both permanent and temporary pictures and videos. Lastly, Facebook’s Live feature is a great way to engage with potential buyers by giving them a live “behind the scenes” view of a property or running a live Q&A.

Real Estate Marketing Trends

Recent real estate marketing trends allow more ways to reach potential buyers now than ever before. It’s time to take advantage of the creative trends emerging in 2017 and get your brand out there and recognized!

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