3 Strategies Your Credit Union Marketing Agency Should Implement

Some financial niches are notoriously difficult to market for- it’s the reality of the industry. When it comes to gaining new clients and managing company promotions, hiring a credit union marketing agency may be the best way to keep your business on a growth path.

The Red Egg Marketing team has worked with several credit unions and keeps a constant pulse on financial marketing trends. Here are three trends to keep an eye on to build awareness and brand authority for your company.

Promote Digital Banking

It’s no secret that younger generations are all about new technology. They adopt it early and they adopt it often. When targeting new members, it’s important to keep efficiency and accessibility in mind.

While most institutions already offer digital banking, it’s wise to promote this perk as a way to drive younger business. Additionally, by perfecting the system within your own company, you will improve the user experience for existing clients. This solidifies your relationship with your audience and improves overall brand sentiment.

To take this promotional strategy to the next level, your credit union marketing agency may consider ad banners or in-app promotions. These subtle reminders will engage those who have not yet adopted the technology.


Don’t shy away from new technology! Make sure your clients know you’re staying with the times and embracing change.

Stay Authentic

Creating content on your website is a tricky skill to master. The key is not frequency, but rather, creating content that speaks to your authentic brand voice and helps educate your readers.

Credit union marketing agencies spend extensive time crafting a content strategy that will establish a sense of trust between the union and their members.

Money is a complicated topic and it’s essential to provide helpful and educational resources for members to refer to on your site. This doesn’t just mean answering common questions and developing a “FAQ” page. Institutions should be answering questions specific to their member demographic.

By listening to your clients and their concerns, you can more efficiently collaborate with your credit union marketing company to solidify your brand voice.


Remain authentic online and create meaningful, lasting relationships with your clients.

Prioritize Community Outreach

Community outreach has always been an important aspect of marketing and has become an increasingly valuable strategy as we discover younger Americans’ buyer intentions.

Millennials do their research. They invest time to learn which companies that show social responsibility. In fact, recent reports state that 70 percent of millennials will spend more with brands that support causes.

What’s more, this outreach can also be achieved online. Establishing an educational resource for schools or hosting an e-learning course can be as simple as sitting in front of a camera and discussing your industry.


Humanitarian work isn’t just good for the heart, but good for client relationships.

Developing Your Credit Union’s Marketing Strategy

It’s tough to juggle every aspect of a marketing strategy. However, there are certain trends that will never go out of style.

Always remain engaged with your members, create an authentic brand voice, and serve your clients helpful and educational content. These strategies will help bring you closer to your clientele and improve financial literacy in your community.