4 Steps for a Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Are you a real estate developer and don’t quite know how to market your developments online? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Not only are we well versed in the real estate marketing world, but we have some tips to help you ensure you have a strong online presence.

Step 1: A Great Website

We’re not talking just any website. We mean a legitimately good website, or microsite. This means having strong landing pages with clear calls to action that will convert visitors to leads, as well as being optimized for SEO. When people look you up online, this is the first thing they will see about your brand, so make it count. By having a modern and functional website, you convey a level of professionalism and expertise to visitors and have a higher chance of converting each visitor into a lead and, ultimately, a customer.

Step 2: Get Social

Nowadays, if your business is not on social media, it might as well not exist. By marketing your business and properties on social media you not only can gain a new audience of followers, but you can also target specific audiences in your advertising campaigns based on behavior and profile information of social media users. Developing a strong social media advertising and posting strategy is important to not only get leads, but to demonstrate your expertise in the field and build rapport with your audience.

Step 3: Keep in Touch

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Email marketing works. The key to keeping leads interested is to keep in contact with them. Email marketing is a simple and effective way to maintain touch points with leads and customers and distribute important information to the people who are interested in it.

Step 4: Demonstrate Expertise

Everyone wants to buy something from someone who knows what they’re talking about, especially when it comes to real estate. Instead of trying to sell your audience on something every chance you get, mix in some content that shows you as an industry thought leader and expert. This will not only give your audience a break from the constant property promotions, but in turn will make them more likely to interact with and share your posts.

There are tons of real estate developers out there, so being able to market to your audience effectively over the competition is a must. If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, contact us and we would be happy to help! To view our previous real estate marketing work, view our portfolio here.