5 Things I Like about Facebook Timeline

Facebook has gotten some flak recently after its unveiling of the new Timeline feature for pages. At first glance I had some my own concerns but now I am convinced it was a very beneficial change. Here are my 5 favorite features of the new Facebook Timeline platform. 

  1. Messaging: Now Facebook Business Pages can directly communicate and interact with their fans and followers. I think this feature adds a lot of value to pages because it helps promote conversations while giving the ability to handle questions, concerns or general comments in a more private setting. Not everyone of Facebook is looking to be social.
  2. Pin to Top: This is one of my favorite timeline features. Now you can keep your most important post at the top of your timeline for up to 7 days. This has become especially handy when running contests or promoting an event. Now your less important posts will not push your important information down the wall to be essentially lost in the shuffle of social interaction.
  3. Cover Photo: This is a great feature to add some personality to your page. Before with only the profile picture, brands looked stale and faceless by using just their logo. Now brands can take advantage of the logo still being attached to posts while representing themselves through a large banner image on their page.
  4. Highlight: This feature could use some tweaking but still is a great addition to the Facebook Timeline platform. I like the idea that you can highlight posts from your past that hold more importance than others. Like the Pin to Top feature, the benefit of highlighting your favorite items gives a business or organization a significant amount of control over their Facebook image.
  5. Timeline: The Timeline Feature itself has a lot of potential to be used by brands. I am very excited to take full advantage of it for my clients. Behind the façade of any business are people and ideas. Timeline will help show the personality of brands, their stories and their past and I think this is what Facebook and Social Media is all about.
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