Businesses Are People Too

Business to business marketing can seem awfully daunting. How do you market your goods and services to a business? How would a business find you? The important thing to remember is that businesses are people too and people like content. Not just any kind of content, but relatable, helpful, and creative content.

Using content marketing in your B2B marketing strategy is a great way to reach the people who make the decisions within companies. Consumers are shying away from traditional advertisements and businesses are no different. According to the Roper Public Affairs, 80% of business decision makers prefer to find out information about another business through a series of articles rather than advertisements. But how do you get the content to these contacts? Here are 3 ideas for you to get your business out there through B2B content marketing.

  1. Email Newsletter – Email newsletters are very effective content marketing mediums for businesses. However don’t expect to bcc all of your email contacts into an email filled with promotional junk and have customers knocking down your doors. Creating a quality newsletter with high open rates takes time, quality content creation, and careful planning. When creating an email newsletter, look at it from the perspective of the reader and try to determine what they would find useful. Remember to provide value! Ideas for content are:
    • Industry News
    • Helpful Tips
    • Company Information
    • Product or Service Knowledge and Uses
  2. Create an eBook or Whitepaper – Creating some sort of eBook or whitepaper is a great way to get your company’s name out there and can be a very useful promotional tool. But just like the email newsletter, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Don’t just create a useless piece of promotional material. Create a valuable and informative piece that a person could use and/or refer to. Consider developing a piece that explains a process that relates to your product or service.
  3. Participate on Social Media – Social media has created an amazing opportunity to get involved in conversations and create new connections. LinkedIn is the obvious choice for professional networking but connecting with other businesses through Facebook and Twitter, sharing their content, and participating in conversations can also foster relationships and expand your reach.

There are many different ways to connect with businesses through B2B content marketing. These are just 3 ideas to help get you started. With all the online marketing tools out there, it is important to just remember that people are still behind it all. So next time you worry about marketing to businesses, remember businesses are people too.