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You’re Still Not Using Influencer Marketing?

You're Still Not Using Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing has become extremely popular within the last few years. As we are becoming more and more technologically advanced and social media platforms are showing up everywhere, influencer marketing has emerged to the top and companies are devoting more time and effort to the tactic than ever [...]

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Write a Winning Win-Back Email

Write a Winning Win-Back Email. Q: What is a win-back email? A: A win-back email is an email to a customer who at one time opted into your email communications, but hasn’t made any purchases of goods or services in a while. Deciding how long before sending a win-back email is dependent on your business. [...]

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Designing a Referral Program

Designing a Referral Program From cars to lacrosse tickets, a Google search for “referral programs in Denver” yields many interesting results. While garden variety loyalty programs pop up like pot shops on South Broadway, referral programs are a rarer breed. A great example of a successful referral program can be found at Allure Salon [...]

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