Common Online Advertising Myths

When it comes to common online advertising myths, we’ve heard them all. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions that lead people to believe that online advertising isn’t the way to go, that are simply false.

It’s Not Affordable

If you are under the impression that online advertising isn’t affordable, we have good news – there are plenty of paid campaign options for small budgets! In fact, campaigns with low Cost per Clicks (CPCs) can not only drive traffic to your page, but increase awareness of your brand via impressions. Online advertising campaigns can be tailored to any budget and goals, whether it be increasing brand awareness with a total budget of $60 or growing your Facebook page “likes” using only $8 a day.


Paid Ads Don’t Work

Probably the most common online advertising myth we hear is that people ignore paid ads and think they’re too “spammy.” If this were true, Google would not be making an insane amount of revenue each year off of their paid advertising platforms. If you search for a product or service today, the first few results are, more than likely, going to be ads. For example, try searching “dentist” in Google and the top 3 or 4 will all be ads for dental offices near your location. To get to the organic search results, you need to scroll past the ads and past the Google map. This requires more work and takes more time than many people are willing to give, so they end up clicking on the ads, making them worth every penny.

They Only Work for Younger Audiences

Studies have shown that the most active and likely group to share and engage with content, is baby boomers. If you are unsure if your product or service will do well by utilizing paid online advertising, you should at least test it out to be sure. Odds are, you’ll be surprised by the amount of engagement and impressions your ad receives. One of the beautiful things about online advertising is that you can target and reach exactly who you want. For example, if you want to target a Facebook ad to reach only women ages 35-45, you can do that and not waste money showing the ad to 18-25-year-old men. No matter who your target audience is, there are plenty of ways to market to them specifically while not wasting money on audiences who won’t convert.

I Can’t Compete with the Big Brands

If you are worried about competing with large companies, don’t worry, because you don’t have to! Utilizing online advertising’s advanced targeting abilities, you can identify your own niche target markets and not compete directly with the industry giants. For example, if you’re a small, budget wedding venue, targeting middle to low income couples, and maybe even people getting married for the 2nd time, might be a smarter strategy than advertising to couples who are more likely to utilize a more expensive and extravagant venue. By targeting this niche group of people instead of everyone looking for a wedding venue, your online ads are much more likely to receive conversions and, ultimately, increase your ROI.

My ROI Should be Immediate

All good things take time, and online advertising is no different. It may seem like creating a few good ads with strong calls to action, setting relevant targeting, and sitting back and waiting for conversions is relatively simple and straightforward – but it’s only the first step in creating a strong campaign. In order to determine which keywords, landing pages, ads, and targeting options will give the best ROI, a lot of testing and adjustment has to be done. It takes time and patience to establish these insights but, in the end, your campaigns will be much stronger and produce better results.

Hopefully we’ve helped debunk some of these common online advertising myths for you and given you faith in the power of online advertising. If you need help navigating the wild, wacky, and wonderful world of online advertising, give is a call or visit our website. We love what we do and know that you will too!