There is a large cottonwood tree outside the window of my office. For the past couple of days it’s seeds have been floating around the air making it look as though it is snowing. When you see hundreds of seeds floating around in the air you wonder how effective is this tree’s strategy? Each day it is releasing its genetic information hoping that it will land somewhere where it can be pollinated (Forgive me if I am incorrect about pollination, my arbor knowledge is limited) and then grow into something big.

Well, if you cannot see where I am going with this yet, I will just tell you. I think this is a great metaphor for Social Media. Each day we submit information to the various programs we are involved in, in the hopes it will be found by people who will help our message grow big. Whether it is a YouTube video displaying our musical talents, a Facebook post providing a helpful tip or a blog article with a cheesy metaphor, we are putting our information out there for someone to find value in it.

Here are 3 thoughts for which I hope you will find value (as long as you can see past the cheesy metaphor).

  1. Never give up. Although at times it may seem like you are just treading water with your social media efforts, remember that the more exposure you get, the better the likelihood getting found by the right person.
  2. Do not be afraid to stray from your original plan. Like the seeds of the cottonwood floating around the neighborhood away from the tree, do not be afraid to try other ideas away from your original Social Media strategy. If you are only participating in Facebook, try LinkedIn, StumbleUpon or Pinterest. Feel free to take your content in a different direction as well.
  3. Look for help. The tree does not do everything on its own. Without the wind, the seeds would never make it anywhere. Try blog aggregators and participate on other people’s Social Media profiles to get your message out there. Remember the key part of Social Media is to be social. Help other people get their message out and they will help you.

Thanks for bearing with me. It may be kind of a stretch to compare cottonwoods to social media but cheesy metaphor aside, get your message out there and you will get found. If you have any comments or other thoughts, feel free to leave them below.