Credit Union Marketing Trends and Ideas

Credit unions are always trying to increase their membership. It seems as though this is the number one goal set during any credit union marketing meeting, and rightfully so. Credit unions rely on their members utilizing their products and services to stay in business. While most credit unions struggle to get results and see a positive ROI, we have a few credit union marketing trends and ideas from our digital marketing experience that might help you see positive results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing for credit unions is a great way to not only reach potential members but advertise products and services to specific membership segments. For example, you could send an email about HELOCs to your members who own a home and a first-time auto loan email to members aged 25 and below. Then, send an email to potential member leads about how great your financial institution is, and you’ll be targeting multiple goals and getting one step closer to reaching them!


A credit union blog is a great way to keep your members up to date on the latest news and events happening at your credit union. By posting blogs to your website and sharing them on your social media and newsletters, you can relay helpful information about products and services to your members and keep them informed.

Social Media Campaigns

If your credit union’s social media game is lacking, it could be worthwhile to implement a social media campaign or contest to generate buzz and increase engagement. We have seen success creating posts that require followers to engage with the content, whether it be providing a comment on the post to respond to a question or sharing the post with their friends.

Thank Your Members!

Credit unions wouldn’t be anything without their members – so thank them for it! By hosting an annual member appreciation gathering, you not only thank your members but get your name out there in the local community. Remember, the happier your members are, the more people they’ll refer!

Every credit union is different and requires unique credit union marketing ideas. We’ve worked with multiple institutions and know that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. If you’re ready to take your credit union marketing to the next level, contact Red Egg Marketing today.