Credit Union Marketing- Using Video to Reach New Audiences & Inform Members

Finance and banking is a rather traditional industry, even in a young vibrant city like Denver. Most credit union marketing tends to be basic and in print, or simply isn’t done at all. So how can your CU stand out from the crowd? The nation’s top credit unions all have one major thing in common: they engage heavily in digital marketing.

Video marketing is a great way to reach both existing and potential members. While having your information and content in text form is essential, not everyone is the type to go to a website and read about a CU and its services. With video, you can keep current members well informed and reach new audiences by creating short, engaging videos about everything from your services to commonly asked financial questions.

Engage Current Members

Use video marketing to let your members know about promotions you are running, the types of accounts you offer, services you provide, and more. Chances are, most of your members have accounts that fit their needs when they first signed up but haven’t bothered to learn much else about what you have to offer since then.

By staying in touch with members through video, you can tell them about new products and stay at the top of their mind when new banking needs arise. Be the first financial institution to come to mind when they need a home loan, vehicle refinance, new credit card, and all other banking needs.

Spread Your Message

Not everyone is the type of internet user to browse credit union websites or click links they see on social media. Reach those that are more inclined to watch a video than to read text by putting your most important information online in the form of videos.

Even older generations, especially in technology forward cities like Denver, are beginning to respond to digital marketing as much as younger people. Everyone is online these days, so market to members and potential leads where they digitally hang out already.

Different mediums reach different audiences, so the best way to spread your message far and wide is by using a variety of different platforms. Include your most important and best features across your blog, social media accounts, website copy, and video.

Attract New Members

To get the attention of potential members, create videos that provide relevant content such as answering commonly asked finance questions. A great place to get questions (and answers) for this sort of material is from employees in your branches. Find out what problems they encounter on a regular basis and record a short interview with them explaining the problem and its solution. By posting these videos online, current members can get their common questions answered, and non-members will find out about your CU and see that you know your stuff!

 Credit Union Marketing

Just because you are in one of the oldest industries around doesn’t mean you need to market like it. The landscape of marketing is becoming almost entirely digital. Reach your members and target new leads where they hang out: online.

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