Red Egg Marketing’s Graphic Design Expert Shares Her Creative Process

Graphic design is much more than just pictures and drawings, it’s the art of communication and problem solving through imagery. Without visual content, you’re missing a large part of the opportunities in communication. To get an insider’s perspective, Red Egg Marketing’s Graphic Designer, Alyson Rua, shares the importance of graphic design and what it’s like to be a local Denver graphic designer!

Denver Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a subset of visual communication and, in order to communicate effectively, successful design needs to be implemented. Design that organizes content with hierarchical intent, so the most important information is the most prominent, makes content more approachable and digestible to its audience.

In short, design is problem solving and puzzle making.

It’s integral to marketing because you can’t market ideas if you can’t communicate! A designer carefully considers the best way to layout information in order to convey information using principles like color, scale, proximity, contrast, and more. It’s such an effective way to engage with customers and a key component in marketing to build brand awareness and influence consumer decisions.

Denver Graphic DesignerAlyson’s day-to-day work as a Denver graphic designer for a marketing agency changes constantly. It often consists of designing print content, email campaigns, social advertisements, web content, website wireframes, infographics, and icons. On occasion, Alyson flexes her creativity by creating animations and editing videos.

In a broader sense, graphic design work often requires some research and strategy, interpreting clients’ needs, and considering the audience.

Alyson’s strategy in creating visually pleasing content is to make whitespace your friend. Less is more and it helps with balancing the composition of the design. Without proportionate use of whitespace, the design can be unstructured and difficult to consume.

Denver Graphic DesignerColor also has a lot of symbolic meaning and knowing how to use that to your benefit will create an effective design. Color creates ideas, expresses messages, sparks interest, and generates certain emotions. Knowing how to use color theory in your design and branding will benefit you and your client.

To keep herself from getting “designer’s block” Alyson gives it time. Nothing kills creativity like trying to force inspiration. If an idea isn’t coming to her, she tries to step away for a while so she can see things with fresh eyes. If she gets a random idea, she’ll write it down so she can remember to work on it later. Otherwise, to keep herself inspired, she stays up-to-date with design blogs and takes inspiration from peers and industry leaders.

And one last amazing piece of advice from your Denver graphic designer:

No one can design in a vacuum. Look for inspiration and make it your own.

With specialists like Alyson in the industry helping guide you with tips and tricks, it won’t be too intimidating. If you would like a pro to help design your next project, give Red Egg Marketing a call! Alyson will be glad to help you out! (720) 446-6640