Digital Marketing is Like…

Here at Red Egg, we love digital marketing. Surprise! Over the years, we’ve heard it compared to many different things, and have had to come up with a few metaphors ourselves to explain digital marketing principles to others. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite analogies along with their explanations.

Digital Marketing is Like… Exercise

To really see the full effects of an exercise regime, you must fully commit to daily activity and have a consistent schedule. The same goes for a business’s digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s your first time picking up a weight, or your first time posting on social media for your business, don’t expect immediate results from either. Practice makes perfect and, over time, both will get easier and you’ll be able to perform more advanced actions. Whether it’s adding more weight to a squat or more external links to a webpage, your body and brand will be stronger than ever in no time!

Digital Marketing is Like… Dating

Marketing and dating are both about building relationships. One with customers, the other with a potential significant other. They can both be a bit awkward in the beginning, but if you stumble along long enough, you’ll start to get the hang of things. Just like you get to know another person through dates and conversations, you cultivate relationships with your customers by posting relevant content and interacting with them. An important note to add here is that you should be creating and posting content that goes along with your business’s expertise. No one likes to be catfished, right?

Digital Marketing is Like… Playing a Team Sport

Picture a soccer team of one, or a football team without a quarterback. Neither are going to be successful. The same goes for a business without a killer digital marketing team behind them. Just like a strong wide receiver and line backers are essential to any great football team, an SEO expert and social media guru are key players in a digital marketing team. Each team member possesses a certain set of skills and sees the “game” from a different perspective.

Digital Marketing is Like… Watering a Plant

If you just have a plant and soil in a pot, will it grow? No, it needs water in order to survive! The same goes for a business with no digital marketing. It may look great at first and even want to grow, but it just can’t without the proper care and help. Marketing not only initially lets people know about your brand, but keeps new customers coming even after it is well established. After all, a plant never stops needing water, even after it has bloomed.

Digital Marketing is Like… A Neon Sign

Imagine a small shop on a dirt road not even listed on a map, in the middle of nowhere, with no sign whatsoever. This is a business’s webpage with no SEO. How are customers expected to buy from your business if it is almost impossible to be found? By optimizing your digital marketing strategies, your brand will be more discoverable by customers and your following will build more quickly. Now that’s a flashing sign if we’ve ever seen one.

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