Email Marketing Best Practices

No matter the expertise, a good marketer is always searching for best practices to improve content for their audiences. It’s the same for email marketing as well! Whether you’re just starting out at an email marketing company or you consider yourself an expert with email marketing services, we all want to send the best email marketing campaigns.

Here’s how you do it.


Acquiring an audience is the most valuable asset you can have in any email marketing company. You want to build a clean list by getting proper permission and staying away from third-party lists. It can be harmful and detrimental to your brand if you source your email address list from third-party data providers. Choosing quality over quantity when it comes to subscribers is important.

If you’ve been collecting emails for a while and haven’t sent an email to your subscribers yet, it’s best to send a quick reminder campaign to make sure they still want to receive emails from you. You can also grow your email list by running social media campaigns to reach potential clients by providing an option to sign up for your newsletter.


Frequency and timing are the keys to success or failure of your email marketing campaign. Sending too many emails will have you flagged as spam and make your audience opt-out of receiving emails and on the other end, sending too few emails will result in a low open rate and not many conversions.

Keep your content relevant and consistent with your brand and optimize your subject lines to tell your subscribers exactly what is in your email. Spam filters look for certain types of content, like too many exclamation points, capital letters, and gimmicky words or phrases.

Mobile Friendly

Email design should be versatile. In recent years, with the rise of smartphones, more people are checking emails on their mobile devices. It is important to make sure your email can be properly read across all platforms including desktops, mobile and tablets. Ensure the sender name and subject line are relevant and easily distinguishable, so all your recipients need to do is click and read the email.

It’s not enough to have a great email design, you also need it to be user-friendly. Don’t forget the different email platforms! Gmail renders HTML emails differently from Outlook and Apple and Android email platforms operate a bit differently as well. Your emails should be easy to read and mobile-friendly.

If you’re looking for email marketing services to make your emails stand out, you’ve come to the right place. As a Denver email marketing company, we know the best practices to get your email marketing campaigns up and running! We’d be happy to learn your goals and help you achieve them!