Facebook Insights – How Much Do You Know?

We recommend that you check your Facebook Insights at least once a month, if not more frequently to get the most from your Facebook marketing efforts.

 To begin, visit your company page and click on the 4th tab from the left titled “Insights”.


You’ll automatically be directed to the “Overview” page where you can see page views, actions, reach, and page likes. This page may look a little unfamiliar to you due to a recent update. “Insights” and other admin features on a business page are now managed from Facebook business manager.

Since views and likes are pretty self explanatory, let’s talk about actions and reach.

Actions on Page

“Actions on Page” record when Facebook users click links on your page regarding business information. These include your phone number, website, directions and your call-to-action button. Have you set up your call-to-action button yet? This little button that appears over your cover image is a great feature. Use this call-to-action feature to influence customers into taking the action you want. For example, trying to influence product sales? Use ‘Shop Now!’.

Post Reach

Post Reach shows the number of people your post was ‘served to’ – people who have seen the post, whether they clicked on it or not. You can view and compare organic versus paid reach to see how successful your paid Facebook advertising campaigns are. This section also shows the number of people who performed a particular activity on your page: mentions, check-ins, likes, ads, and posts. It also has charts for likes, comments, and shares as well as the number of times your content was hidden or reported as spam, or your page was unliked.

Click on “Posts” (5th selection below Overview) and third from the left you’ll find, “Top Posts from Pages You Watch.” We suggest adding pages that you’ve already seen great content from and who post often. Facebook will also suggest similar pages under “Pages to Watch” in the Overview Tab. These get a notification that someone is watching their page, but not who watches it, so let your inner super sleuth run wild.

“People” is a good tab to check and see if your fans (aka likes) are local or foreign (usually indicates spammers).


Please note that Facebook stores information about your visitors for 180 days. If you want to keep track of historic data, be sure to export it. This feature is in the upper right under the Help dropdown.

In this post we discussed a few important features but how you interpret this data is just as important. Facebook’s Insights will help you understand how your content is being received and how you can improve your message. Explore your page Insights, learn more about your demographics, see how they are reacting to your content, and create a social media marketing strategy using this data. Let us know if we can help.