Facebook Marketing Advice for Realtors.


Facebook, the juggernaut of all social media platforms. It’s a crowded room but you can’t afford not to market real estate here. Odds are your competition is already doing so, and if they are not, this leaves it wide open for your realty group to capitalize.

Here are a few ways realtors can utilize Facebook to bring in client referrals. Bonus: These ideas are not schmoozy and overtly desperate.

We recommend realtors:

  1. A picture of a home before it hits the MLS listings. You can spark interest and ask “Do you know anyone that would like this style of home?” Users can tag their friends and family and bring them into the conversation.
  1. Post a video about a particular neighborhood. What makes it interesting? There are many people moving to Denver who have a lot of questions about what makes a particular area of the city unique. But short of flying them here, you can leverage what you know to help from hundreds or thousands of miles away by being their guide (even before you’re their agent.) Red Egg can create share-worthy videos, or give you some tips on creating your own, to increase your credibility.
  1. Boost posts with a specific call-to-action. It could be to drive traffic to a listing or sign up for a newsletter. Get your targeted message to the right audience and increase awareness. Red Egg Marketing can help you with the timing, language and graphics for boosted posts.
  1. Are you using Facebook to ask for referrals? When you find past clients on Facebook with your personal Facebook page, send them a carefully worded, private message asking for a referral. Be sure that you personalize the message and use this as a touch point to check in on them as well. The worst case scenario is that your message goes unanswered but when you take the time to craft a message about connection with clients who you’ve had a great experience with, great results (and referrals) are possible. Let them know who can benefit the most from your particular service (families, retirees, first-time buyers, etc.)
  1. You use of Facebook posts to show appreciation will endure long after the keys have been turned over. Make a note of when your clients closed and take a picture on that day, perhaps of them outside the home. One year later, post it on Facebook and wish them a happy anniversary and thank them for their business.

 How are potential clients finding you?

Lastly, make sure you know how people are finding you by asking “How did you find out about me?” or “Are you friends with a client of mine?” Once you determine where the referral came from, immediately call that individual and thank them.

Red Egg Marketing uses a blend of traditional and grassroots methods, showing potential buyers and sellers you are a highly connected, engaged realtor who appreciates referrals without resorting to overly salesy tricks to get them. With this in mind, let’s discuss how to re-invigorate your Facebook presence for real estate!