Have you come across this yet when searching Google?

Yes, that my friends is what I have been talking about. Social Search. Integrating Social Media into search is where all of this is heading. This is why we are spending so much time and resources on getting people to like our pages, plus one our listings and follow our tweets.

Let me explain how it will work. You like or plus one companies you do business with or enjoy. Now when your social network is using Google (or my hunch is that it soon will be Facebook) to search for say, a remodeler or restaurant, they will see that you have essentially recommended a particular company. That company will also appear higher in the results. Wow!

Just the other day Facebook added an app to your page called “like pages.” My feeling is that the are trying to get people to like more pages to further develop the search engine I think they are secretly creating. By including a person’s social network into the discovery process an entirely new form of search is being created.

This means an entirely new form of Search Engine Optimization will also be created. Although G+ does not seem very important at this current date and time, aside from the basic SEO benefits, its importance will be greatly magnified as social search grows.

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