Google’s Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 1 Cup: G+ Social Media
  • 1 Tbsp: Android Mobile Software
  • 3 Cups: Search Engine
  • 1 Pinch: Map Software
  • 1 tsp: Google Deals
  • 1 Tbsp: YouTube

Stir until completely compatible. Enjoy!

Google+ is going to change the way businesses handle their online presence in regards to more than just social media. Controlling the most popular search engine filled with useful features such as Google Maps, the development and growth of the Android operating system, the acquisition of the largest video sharing platform, YouTube, and now the birth of a revolutionary social media platform is a recipe for sheer dominance in the way we find information and communicate with others. Google will have a direct impact on the answers to our questions. I am not preaching a conspiracy theory by any stretch of the imagination but I am suggesting how important it will be to take advantage of the services Google will be offering, especially for business.

The new Google+ platform, now that it is available for businesses, has the potential to be an extremely important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. It would be naïve to believe that Google will not use G+ analytics to determine relevance in their search algorithms. This could actually give smaller, local businesses a distinct advantage in their appearance in Google search results, since they have the capability to interact with their customers in a much more personal manner than their larger counterparts. Where Facebook is currently a social media platform designed more around keeping in touch with family and friends, the G+ platform will offer many more B2B opportunities as well as B2C. The G+ “Circles” feature allows a business to organize who they are following and communicating with into categories such as “Customers” and “Team Members”. This organization of the G+ platform has the potential to create a cleaner information stream so information will not as easily get lost in the shuffle.

Additional layout features that G+ has over Facebook will help the G+ pages look and feel more like a website. This is important because G+ may appear higher in search results higher than a company’s actual website. The direct connect feature in which you add a “+” in front of search queries in Google, will directly send a user to the G+ page instead of the search results. This will add to the importance of having and maintaining a G+ page. The addition of hashtags (#) to Google+ will aid in finding information pertaining to a specific subject matter. The ease of YouTube integration will benefit brands that use video in their marketing endeavors and surely add importance to optimizing videos for YouTube in regards to SEO.

Google’s well-rounded list of services, all undoubtedly very compatible with each other, will give them a distinct advantage in the years to come. As the world becomes more mobile and social media becomes a larger part of everyday life, Google will have the resources to thrive. The key for them will be whether people adapt a new platform that has the potential for greatness, or stick with what is currently the status quo. The release of the new Facebook layout and the public opinion regarding it will likely help determine which platform will succeed.

Ryan Ellis

Founder of Red Egg Marketing

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