Have You Checked Your Online Presence?

Have you taken a look recently at how you appear online? Although it is incredibly easy to do, one cannot afford to ignore their online presence. Every day more and more people are performing searches for information online and the results are directly influencing buying decisions. From everyday errands to complex services, people are using search engines to find local information. In an instant they can pull up information about you that you never knew existed. Social search and review sites are becoming more and more popular. With less time to waste and more choices of where to spend money, consumers have gotten smarter about where they shop. It takes only a few seconds to scan reviews and decide whether a business is worth the trip or to go somewhere else.

It requires some work but getting your online presence to match the brand you have created for yourself is worth it. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

  • Perform a Basic Search on Google- Learn what sites you are on and how you appear. Make sure the information is correct and properly represents your brand.
  • Check Review Sites- Specifically Google Places and Yelp. Report any false information or inappropriate pictures that have been posted.
  • Check Facebook- You may have a page created for you already. Check what people are saying.
  • Get Involved- Adjust information and take ownership of your page.
  • Manage- Keep an eye on your online presence. That way if something goes south you will see it before others.

Take some time and make sure the brand you have worked so hard to create is being represented online. If not, take the necessary steps to get your online presence sorted because you may be losing potential customers before you had the chance to meet them.

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