Have You Tried Social Media Advertising?

standing alone_blog post on social media_5.28What businesses shun social media? Sole proprietors who provide a service like cutting lawns or providing elder care? Would you be surprised if I told you Apple doesn’t bother with Twitter or Facebook? In case you don’t believe me, just click here: Apple, Inc.

A social media presence allows businesses to garner customer feedback and communicate new services and offerings with interested customers. When Apple introduces a new product, there is a period of waiting and marketing silence rivaled only by monks. That is of course unless one of their employees leaves a prototype at a bar. If you thought you have had some explaining to do, get a load of that poor guy’s story.

You are not Apple. So let’s talk about the three most popular social media platforms and why you need to be advertising on them.

  1. Facebook – Data from the first quarter of 2015 shows that 210 million users live in the U.S and Canada. Unless you are getting in front of the “right” Facebook users, go ahead and smack your forehead. We’ll call that a “Facebook Face Palm” for having missed out on opportunities.

What are the advertising options?  Facebook allows users to boost or promote posts.

  • Boost – Click on the Blue Button in the lower right hand corner of your post. 2) Select people who already like your page or people you select to target. 3) Select your budget (Budgets range from $5 and up.)

If you’re targeting, you will get to select location, age, gender and up to 10 interests. If you want to market sportswear to mothers, aged 27-35 who play Ultimate Frisbee and hike, merely select those parameters. When you boost a post, the ad results show up in your Facebook Ads Manager. From there you can monitor the ad, run reports and watch for progress.

  • Promote – Use the Ads Manager(or Power Editor) to promote a post. The benefit of promoting a post is that you have more targeting, pricing and bidding options. For instance, you can customize reports to know just how many unique clicks (unique email addresses) are clicking your links and visiting your site.

Whether you choose to boost or promote your posts, Red Egg Marketing can create superb content that potential customers are looking for and engage them to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website, or come in for a visit.

  1. LinkedIn – There are roughly 122 million users in North America, so if it’s easier, just envision a lake stocked with fish. That is assuming you like to fish and you immediately understand fish are customers. Users are coming in droves to LinkedIn to research companies. This is a great way to leverage inbound marketing. You can post on LinkedIn, secure endorsements or recommendations from users, upload videos and slides to market your wares or services and send regular updates. While Red Egg Marketing can help you create your do all of the above, we also create ads that will appear in many heavily trafficked areas of the site.


Through the use of targeting criteria including industry, geography, groups that LinkedIn users belong to, etc., we’ll ensure your business’s online presence is expertly tailored to potential customers. We will work with you to set a daily budget or go over LinkedIn’s Pay-Per-Click options.

  1. Twitter – At 140 characters, it’s a fast way to get your message out. Companies discover what people are saying about them so they can pat themselves on the back, or start on their mea culpas. Twitter provides a zippy portal to connect with people who retweet your tweets. Companies can even do keyword searches to hear what the buzz is in their industry. While simple “tweeting” is free and helpful for small businesses, in order to amplify your little birdie’s voice, you’ll want Twitter Ads. No matter your objective, more fans, visits to your site, your Facebook page, Twitter Ad campaigns are completely customizable. Looking for customers nationwide? Twitter is the best platform for this. Looking for more leads? Twitter has designed a way to capture user’s information without having to fill out a form. Twitter campaigns include the ability to place your tweet on the home page of the users whom you have carefully selected.

Red Egg Marketing can create and execute a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter advertising strategy for your small business. If you want to maximize your presence, go after a target market, or energize your sales with a new campaign, these three platforms are affordable, fast, and made to order. Give Red Egg Marketing a call at (720) 446-6640 or contact us to get started.