The Hidden Benefits of Online Reviews

It’s no secret we love small businesses – not only because we are one, but because they make up the majority of our clients too! That’s why we know the benefits of online reviews for businesses, especially us little guys. Besides the obvious advantages that great customer reviews can bring, we’ll also give you some insight into the hidden benefits of online reviews.

Increase Discoverability

The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get found online – simple as that. The more your business name is mentioned in reviews, the higher you will appear on search engine rankings when people search for your type of business. For example, if you do a simple Google search for “flower shop near me” the first organic results that will appear are businesses that are categorized as flower shops with the most reviews, whether negative or positive. This can come in especially handy when there are multiple small businesses in the same area for customers to choose from.

Free Advertising

Similar to the above point regarding high rankings, when customers leave raving reviews for businesses online, they are then out in the vast internet world for all potential customers to see. People are much more likely to trust the opinion of a previous customer, rather than the business itself, declaring how fantastic their product or service is. Building rapport is the best advertising out there, and it starts with satisfied customers.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Nowadays, when potential customers are deciding which company to give their business to, more often than not, they turn to reviews to help them make their final decision. That being said, if they are trying to decide between your business and a competitor’s, having more positive reviews than the other guy will most likely sway them in favor of your company. Yay new business!

Embrace Learning Opportunities

Never underestimate the benefits of constructive criticism. Sure, the warm-fuzzies we get from positive reviews are nice, but the real growth opportunities are hidden in the negative scrutiny and constructive suggestions. Not only do negative reviews posted online give you the opportunity to address the customer’s concerns publically, but they also allow you to improve on your business’s pain points. For example, let’s say a customer of a local coffee shop posts a review online saying how their coffee came out burned because of the new employee working.  The coffee shop should capitalize on the opportunity and respond with a simple “We’re sorry to hear that your experience was less than pleasant. Please send us a private message and your next cup of joe is on us! And it will be perfect this time, we promise”. This not only shows that they care about what their customers have to say, but that customer satisfaction is the shop’s number one priority.

The bottom line is that there are many hidden, and not-so hidden, benefits of online reviews, and they are more important than ever to be focusing on.

If you feel like your review game is lacking, we know just the people who can help. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s talk reviews!