How a Credit Union Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Social Media

Social media is a great tool to use to connect with a younger demographic. It’s also one of the easiest ways to exhibit your company’s brand and personality online. In the financial industry, it’s even more valuable to show authenticity to help personalize the company to your clients.

By hiring a credit union marketing agency, your team can manage social platforms and help create quality content for your brand. At Red Egg Marketing, we’ve crafted successful social media marketing strategies for several credit unions.

Here are three social media strategies you can suggest to your credit union marketing agency for optimal results.

Video Content

Oftentimes, members usually don’t want to take the time to research and read multiple articles in order to collect the information they’re looking for. Informational and instructional videos solve this issue. You can use social media to help answer frequently asked questions, describe your product in a more in-depth way, and you can use them as a tool to show members how to use your services.

This tactic not only establishes your brand as a specialist in the field, but also builds a relationship between the credit union and their members. By giving people insider knowledge about the industry, you’re educating your client base and engaging new prospects.

Social Contests

Contests can be a great tool to increase engagement with your brand, and let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff.

In an engagement with Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union, our team created a social media content where members and potential clients had to complete social media actions to earn entries into a drawing. The prize was a visit from a food truck for their department, compliments of RMLEFCU.

After analyzing our client’s specific buyer personas, Red Egg found that this target group, police officers, were more likely to act if the prize was given to entire department, rather than the individual themselves. The reward is then two-fold, a meal for an entire department, and the accomplishment of a good deed.

It’s essential to understand your target demographic in order to properly target a marketing strategy.

Social Media Ads

All popular social media platforms offer some kind of advertising option. However, some of them may have a higher ROI for your company than others.

Depending on the demographic you’re targeting, you may choose a Pinterest ad over an Instagram ad. Each platform is designed to help ad buyers achieve different goals. Make sure your company’s goals align with what the ad can offer.

For example, a Facebook ad will help your company achieve the following objectives:

Drive conversions: Facebook ads help to drive the bottom-line goal of making a sale

Build awareness: increase brand reach by presenting your ad to new prospects

Consideration: encourage people to interact or engage with your brand by performing an action (visiting your site, messaging on Facebook, downloading an app, etc.)

If these are the goals you’re looking to achieve with your marketing budget, Facebook is definitely the option for you! If not, you may consider another platform in which to invest ad spend.

Finding the Right Strategy for You

Your credit union marketing agency can help set your credit union apart from the rest by curating a marketing strategy that suits your goals.

Whether you’re interested in a social media strategy, website design, or SEO optimization, Red Egg can help. Leverage the capabilities of an in-house marketing team with the flexibility to use only the services you need. Take a look at the marketing services we offer to learn more.