How to Get the Most from Your LinkedIn Company Page.

linked in photoIs LinkedIn business in the front, party in the back? Hardly. Just because some user behavior on LinkedIn mimics Facebook, doesn’t mean that it’s a trend we support.  We recommend maintaining a balance between being approachable and interesting, while still presenting a professional view of your business on your LinkedIn company page. Consider following an 80/20 approach with only 20% of posts being about your brand. In terms of frequency, consider posting 2-3 times a week.

First impressions matter. Make sure your banner image and logo on your company LinkedIn page look sharp. Search LinkedIn for other brand pages to get some ideas for how to present your business. Don’t use their pages as a blueprint to replicate, but to see how well their page is being received by LinkedIn’s audience. Updating your LinkedIn page is a great opportunity for that professional photographer you’ve been thinking about hiring. Don’t forget to get your employees proper headshots at the same time.

Make sure EVERYONE knows you have a LinkedIn company page. Have a LinkedIn icon on your website in a prominent place and include a link in your e-mail signature line. You can take a shortcut and have a professional pull code for a ‘Follow’ button from This lets LinkedIn members follow your company with a single click.

Need content? Why not ask employees to post articles about their area of expertise with sample answers to customer questions? Each employee is an ambassador for your brand and generate unique content for your business.

Understand the level of engagement your page is receiving. Know who LinkedIn users are, what industries they are in and what posts they are responding to. There are also ways to follow similar pages and compare their analytics with yours.

A robust page is key. Make sure every section is completed and remember Google previews the first 156 characters of your page’s text. Ensure the intro to your company page has powerful, keyword-rich sentences right away.

Managing your LinkedIn company page is not an exact science. It may take a great deal of time and effort to maximize your page to appeal to potential clients and employees. You may choose to focus on company culture and recruitment or becoming an industry leader with insightful content. Regardless of the path you choose, be clear about the intentions of your page and remember that it takes time to implement your vision and maintain your LinkedIn company page well.

Red Egg Marketing has helped many of our clients grow and utilize their LinkedIn company pages. LinkedIn is an essential part of your company social media presence for business and employee growth. Give us a call if you’re curious about harnessing LinkedIn’s marketing potential.