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How to get your Customers to Shop Local this Holiday Season.

For many small business retailers the holiday season is their busiest time of year. Holiday shoppers are responsible for a significant amount of annual revenue and thus very integral to the success many local businesses. However, competition from major online retailers has been getting tougher and this year will be no different.

So what can you do as a shop owner to attract more holiday business?

  • Offer Convenient Solutions. One advantage that local businesses have is their convenience and location. Use your marketing mediums like social media and your blog to showcase ready-made gift baskets or gift ideas for specific types of people. Sell coffee? Try creating the perfect coffee lovers gift basket.
  • Make your customers feel good about their purchase. Make sure every customer walks away with the perfect gift while also feeling good about their purchase. This could be as simple as a “Thank You for Supporting the Community” but could be more in depth as well. Try thinking of an organization that your company could help with every purchase. It could be a local school or a larger organization like the Red Cross. In either case, spreading holiday cheer by being socially responsible is a great way to prove how much good buying local does for the community.
  • Keep in Contact. Remind customers and friends of what your company sells and how you can solve their holiday problems. Whether it is sending emails to your contact list, posting on Facebook or reaching out with phone calls or holiday greeting cards, it is important to stay connected.

What can we do as shoppers to help our neighbors?

This December, we as holiday shoppers need to focus on buying local. With so many great options near you, why not? It has been proven that dollars spent in a geographical area help that geographical area. So lets try and help our local economy!