How to Build a Brand Organically Using Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing is becoming increasingly popular as advertisements have become more blatant and consumers have begun to recognize companies’ tactics. So how do you advertise without advertising? By using a grassroots campaign! It’s slowly becoming the popular route to go if you want loyal customers. Even politicians have started using it!

We’ll show you how to effectively grow your brand organically by using grassroots marketing and its best practices.

What is Grassroots Marketing?

This marketing tactic starts from the ground up. Instead of launching a general message and hoping it will appeal to many people, grassroots marketing targets a niche group in hopes the group will spread your message organically to a much larger audience and often uses nontraditional or unconventional methods. While costing less, this marketing tactic can produce big results.

Why Use Grassroots Marketing?

It’s considered highly effective; however, many brands still fail to see why this type of marketing campaign can be advantageous. There are several reasons why you should consider using grassroots marketing.

  1. It’s cost-effective, especially compared with the cost of paid advertising. Many grassroots techniques, such as social media and referrals don’t cost anything at all. If you have a limited advertising budget, grassroots marketing might work better for you.
  2. It’s arguably more effective. The authenticity of a grassroots effort makes it more convincing and compelling, especially if you have your customers spread the word for you. In a crowded marketing landscape, a sincere voice can stand out and resonate with the right audience.
  3. It’s creative. The possibilities for grassroots marketing are virtually unlimited! You can push all the boundaries and get creative with this marketing campaign. The more unconventional and innovative, the bigger the impact.

Grassroots marketing strategy

Ideas for Your Next Grassroots Campaign

Now that we’ve taken a look at what and why you should use grassroots marketing, let’s dive into how. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your next campaign.

  1. Support a Good Cause

Interacting with your local community is a great way to gain traction. Philanthropy can also be a powerful motivator for many people. The desire to help and being seen helping can give grassroots campaigns a major push. Advocating for a non-profit organization can be an excellent way to spread the word about your business and to support charities and organizations.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of a successful grassroots marketing campaign and having your content go viral will propel your business to much wider audiences. If handled correctly, slight controversy can get you to go viral. However, you have to be very careful. Even well-intentioned campaigns can draw criticism.

  1. Emotional Triggers

Using your audiences’ emotions is one of the best ways to encourage people to share a message, but first, you have to know your audience. This is a crucial step before doing any emotional marketing. If you don’t know your audience, you don’t know what type of content they’ll respond well to. For effective emotional marketing, you need to tell a story. Using color to help tell your story is a great way to do so as color plays a major role in evoking emotion.

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