If At First You Do Not Succeed, Try Again.

Grassroots Marketing Strategies BloggingIn business and in life, how many times have things gotten tough and you gave up? Not many I hope. When adversity is staring us in the face, it is human nature to punch it in the nose! Unfortunately when it comes to marketing, many business owners do just the opposite. If they are not seeing measurable returns directly linked to marketing efforts, they quit.

Lets talk about blogs, a great tool for grassroots marketing. A blog is a website in which a ‘blogger’ can write about anything he or she wants. Blogs are very important for online marketing, yet only a small fraction of small businesses use them. For those businesses that do use a blog, few invest the time and energy needed for the blog to start producing results. Lets look at why blogs are important.

Blogs Provide Value: When a potential customer comes to your website to learn about you or your organization, a blog that provides relevant content in a fun, interesting or creative way provides value to your customer. Lets say you own a restaurant. Maybe you can use the blog to showcase your head chef designing a weekly special or give the history of Puttanesca’s “saucy” origins. Whether you use your blog for entertainment or education is up to you, but remember to write so your customers will get value from it.

Blogs Drive Traffic: Just having a blog doesn’t drive traffic necessarily but updating, sharing and posting to one does. Share your blog on sites like StumbleUpon to grow the chances of your blog being found. If one of your articles strikes gold there, you could be in for a lot of new traffic to your website. This leads me to my next point, SEO.

Search Engine Optimization: Even if no one is reading your blog, the benefits of writing and posting relevant, keyword rich articles are worth the time and effort. Google uses an algorithm to rank every single website on the Internet so it can be found in a search. Recently it has updated to include fresh content in its equation. This means that having a website that changes periodically can be seen as more relevant. How can you update your website regularly? Drumroll please. A blog! SEO takes time and results may not be seen for months so you have to be patient.

Red Egg Marketing uses Grassroots Marketing techniques to help clients get discovered by customers. Affordable marketing solutions such as blogs can have an enormous impact on how easily a business is found online. You can set up a blog for free by using WordPress or Blogger! How much more grassroots does it get than free?

So my message is “Don’t give up!” Blogs are just one of many marketing techniques where results cannot always be measured right away. Social Media is another example. If you have any questions about blogs, Social Media, SEO or other marketing techniques, do not hesitate to call me at (720) 446-6640 or email me at ryan@redeggmarketing.com. And don’t forget to check out the Red Egg Marketing blog! www.redeggmarketing.com/blog