Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Traditional forms of Marketing like telemarketing, cold calling, and email blasts are all forms of Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing is where you push your message out to leads and target markets in the hopes of getting a percentage to come back to you. As consumers we are consistently bombarded with messages from Outbound Marketing sources and we are continually getting better at blocking them out.

Inbound Marketing is becoming a highly effective technique that is giving higher returns on investment. Essentially Inbound Marketing is developing a strong web presence where leads will organically stumble upon your business or organization. Typically, your website becomes the hub of your online presence specifically pertaining to your industry. All the blogging, social media, search engine optimization and social search programs you participate in, will all lead back to your website. This is where you can capture valuable leads for consumers looking for you and your services.

As local search moves to the Internet, it is important to be there. Search engines have become an integral source of information for today’s top consumers and your presence online directly will affect your chances of being found and them choosing you. The best leads are the ones who find you and reach out. Inbound Marketing will help them discover your business and contact you for more information. If you stumbled across this blog and are looking for more information on Inbound Marketing, feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading!