Facebook will be switching all business pages over to the new timeline view sometime today, March 30, 2012. If you have not prepared for the switch, do not worry, your computer will not explode the next time you login and your business page will not get booted off the Facebook platform never to return. However, you want your brand to appear on Facebook the same way it does in reality, right? On time, professional, up-to-date, cutting edge, organized, etc.

 Here are some tips for the Timeline Switch:

  • Hide from timeline: Now you can hide certain posts that you may not want to be shown on your timeline. Hide posts that may not be important, information that is not correct anymore, or products you may not sell.
  • Cover photo: The cover photo is a great way to show an image presenting your business or brand while your main photo can be your logo.
  • Fill out your timeline: Have fun filling out your timeline. Think of cool events that you think people would enjoy discovering. Maybe even hide something in there to surprise a fan!
  • Organize: Make sure the apps that are most important are showing and the photos you want people to see are highlighted. Make it easy for your fans to discover what you want them to see.
  • Make it look good: Consider aesthetics when you build your page. Make sure the page looks clean, the colors work together and it looks professional. Now your Facebook page can be more of a visual tool than ever before!

Do not stress out too much about the switch but you will probably want to get it done soon. In a recent study by Hearsay Social, smaller local businesses have seen 5 times the exposure than with the old pages. So why wait? Get your timeline figured out and get the most out of Facebook. Feel free to contact Red Egg Marketing if you are looking for help.