Jury Duty

Yesterday I spent the morning with 150 other people waiting to be selected for jury duty. We all sat in a large room with no wi-fi but worse, no coffee. Having no means of connecting to the Internet 8 years ago would have meant that if you forgot a magazine or a book, you would be toast. Unlike today, my phone was only able to make calls and play snake, thus I would have to find something else to entertain me during the hours I would have sat there.

The room I was in was filled with people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. It was a perfect random smattering of people to do some research. I noticed right away the amount of people connected to the Internet. Some were reading but others seemed to be working diligently. The majority of people were on their phones checking Facebook or Twitter, reading the news or maybe texting their friends. It seemed as though more than half of the room had a smart phone or a tablet and I found this very interesting.

The smart phone and tablet market has been growing exponentially over the past year. This is not news but what does it mean for search?  This sort of connective power has given people the opportunity to find information in seconds. Just this morning I gave someone directions to the nearest coffee shop using my phone. Obviously for the Coffee shop, location was helpful in this circumstance but they still had to be found. We could have asked someone walking by if they knew of a place but with the Internet at my fingertips there was no need. I found the shop, its reviews, I pulled up their web page and browsed their menu.

So my point is that since these situations are occurring everyday, are you ready?

  • Are you able to be found in location searches?
  • How does your webpage look on a mobile browser?
  • What social search platforms are you on?
  • What are your reviews saying online?