Make Blog Posts Interesting.

increase your SEODo you find it difficult to make blog posts interesting? Do you need SEO help? No need to fear writer’s block as long as you have a few methods to generate content. Red Egg Marketing would like to share a few tips for coming up with blog ideas and how to optimize those blog posts so Internet users can enjoy and easily find your content.

  1. Jot it down.

    Do not let that great idea float out of your head without being recorded. I don’t know about you but ideas strike me while running. Definitely never near a pen and paper. For these moments, I use a free voice recorder app.

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open to other blogs.

    Subscribe to a few and you may discover certain topics are better received than others. Use those to generate ideas but make sure you bring something fresh to the discussion. And if you have a different viewpoint, feel free to make that the impetus for your blog.

  1. Research keywords and use them throughout the post.

    Think about the point of your blog post and decide on some keywords. You can then use a keyword SEO research tool to find other variations or terms. Something like Google’s keyword planner works well but you need an Adwords account. Then add your keywords into the following: title, headings and subheadings, introductory sentence, concluding paragraph, and title tags and meta descriptions.

  1. Be sure to link!

    Make sure to provide quality outbound links to related content that is of high quality. Also crosslink to other posts or pages on your website. It goes without saying we don’t want to send our readers to a competitor’s site, but sending them to a website that has similar content or a related topic is fine. If the website looks outdated, wonky or has any annoying pop-ups or is only for subscribers, run the other direction and find another link.

  1. Include location in blog.

    If your business is limited to the Denver metro area, make sure to utilize “Mile High” or “metro-Denver” in front of phrases such as “housecleaner, dogwalker, therapist, etc.”

  1. Unique and High Quality Posts Required

    . Your blogs need to be both of these things. Your blog posts must bring something new to the table and be reliable enough to be backed up by more than the words you have typed.

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