Custom Real Estate websites stand out

Real Estate Listings

Look, up in the sky, It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….rising prices in the metro Denver real estate market! While it is currently a seller’s market and the price per square foot of property continues to rise and soar, sellers, both residential and commercial, can benefit from custom real estate websites.

Currently, the status quo requires that buyers trudge through pages of listings after selecting particular criteria. Often the results capture only a snapshot of the property. Features listed include square footage, price, utilities, perhaps a map and a smattering of photos.

A snapshot is great for Instagram, but wouldn’t you rather make an impression? A customized website, like a virtual feature length film, can showcase the uniqueness of your listings. Don’t make potential buyers hunt through your website, get frustrated and as a result, move on. Create a separate website for your premium listings!

Benefits of Custom Real Estate Websites

  • Showcase properties in a modern, high quality way
  • Personalized domain names can be added to signage for passerby traffic
  • Virtually limitless geographical reach through SEO
  • Include all property details & relevant information
  • Buyers can go on a virtual tour of the property

You understand buyers’ needs and their discerning tastes, so why not consider how you can create a custom listing that values their time and yours? E-mail links to custom real estate websites to decision makers and are a professional representation of your firm.

Know your online audience

Don’t ignore millenials. Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30. According to the National Association of Realtors, the millennial generation represented the largest share of recent buyers, who overwhelmingly used computers and smart phones to find real estate listings, rather than contact agents directly. These searches proved fruitful with millenials, classified as 34 and younger, who made up 32 percent of all buyers, the largest group, beating out Generation X. As the demographic of buyers evolves, so too should their real estate listings.

Want to really wow a millennial buyer? Contact Red Egg Marketing for a custom real estate listing that looks as good on an Android or iPhone as it does on their laptop. As a result, your real estate listings self-guided, user friendly and respectful of the user’s familiarity with technology.

Custom websites equal more SEO keywords

Buyers search local terms like “Sunnyside” “Highlands” or “RiNo” to narrow in on the areas they are interested in. There’s a reason phrases like “Think Local, Shop Local” and even “Wherever you go there you are” resonate. Custom websites can accommodate these keyword searches and increase your listing’s exposure.