Marketing for Real Estate Developers

The characteristics that make for a successful real estate developer don’t always carry over into the realm of website design. You’re a risk taker, capable of seeing projects through months and even years before your effort begins to pay off. The development is your passion, not necessarily the marketing. Speaking of that, how do you showcase your residential development listings both on and off-line?

Red Egg Marketing designs real estate websites that are specific to each individual real estate development project. Rather than send an email or hand out a card with your company’s main site, expecting a potential investor or buyer to go on a hunting expedition within the haystack that is your website, why not offer exclusivity and personalized attention to the specific development?

Our websites are designed as a brochure and not a dumping ground for information. Your standalone website becomes the equivalent to ringside seats to the main event.

We create a clean and modern website listing the property features and location details, with strong calls to action. Interested parties are able to contact you directly or sign up for a VIP mailing list allowing for future contact.

We are able to study your website’s performance across a range of criteria, to ensure your message improves and conversion rates increase. Our strengths span a wide spectrum of design, sales, content marketing and SEO. We offer a full website/Internet marketing package – so we won’t be strangers, unless you want us to be. We’re flexible. After all, each of our designs are. Each website is tested for multi-browser and cross-platform compatibility and changes can be made as new information is added or project changes occur.

View some of our real estate websites and contact us to learn more about creating a web presence for your real estate development project.

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