Microsites = Maximum Sales.

micrositeYour company website is up and running. Visitors see the following pages among a few others upon entering:

– Home – Who you are and what you do
– About – How you’re different from the competition
– Services or products – Laundry list of what you do or provide
– Contact – Contact form, live chat, phone number, etc.

This is as it should be. Your website is the electronic equivalent of a great business suit: tailored, professional, well-constructed, with broad appeal.

Now ask yourself, “how well do each of these pages operate as a marketing tool?”

Home and About can instill a sense of trustworthiness and transparency about you, your employees and how your company is different from others who offer the same. Services and/or Products give a broad overview but the content is brief enough not to bog down a first time visitor.

But these pages might not be suitable places for:

• a specific campaign
• a video or game
• an event
• a limited-time product or service

Microsites equal maximum attention

Microsites are marketing hubs with a singular focus. The call-to-action and topic is very clear for the visitor. And that is what influences better conversion rates.

A microsite can be used to:

• Promote a real estate development
• Answer FAQ’s about a product or service
• Show before and after pictures of clients who have used a
specific skin care product
• Promote a soon to be released book

Microsites work well for a dynamic business or a business that needs to promote a product or service rather than the parent business. For example, if you are a personal trainer who runs different boot camps you may focused on different audiences: Women 55+, brides to be, or post-partum mothers looking to get back to their pre-baby weight. These groups are coming from different starting points and you have a different plan of action for each. A microsite can specifically market to these potential clients in a voice they can understand. A site for older women might be BoomerBootcamps.com while recently engaged women would enter a site called shreddingforweddingbootcamps.com.

Also, because a microsite is typically dedicated to a narrow product or service, it can come up higher and more frequently in search engine results for a specific topic than your main site would.

Microsites assume your audience is less concerned with the year you started your business and more concerned with what you can do for them. Microsites convert leads into customers with focused topics, promotions and/or offers.

Red Egg Marketing has designed successful microsites to market products and services such as real estate listings for developers and books for authors. Contact us to set up a phone consultation or an in-person meeting to learn more.