It is not everyday a new social media program emerges which really captures my attention. Pinterest has. This social bookmarking site has been around for about a year and is really starting to pick up steam. Focusing on images rather than text, Pinterest creates a visual display of interesting items users have pinned to their boards. One can follow specific people, as well as general topics, viewing images and then “repinning” them to their own boards. This style of sharing can easily make interesting content become incredibly viral and will show real time trending.

Pinterest is one of those sites that will be a good indicator of what is hot. It displays its images in a very aesthetically pleasing format and most of the images have a very artistic feel about them. Currently it is a heavy referrer to a site called ‘Etsy’ which helps craftspeople sell their handmade goods. Many artists, photographers, designers and brides to be have made Pinterest a great source for crafty ideas and visually stimulating content.

 I like the idea of Pinterest. Currently it has a largely female audience of socially active individuals but I am confident that the male population will begin to notice its attractive layout and switch over from similar programs such as Reddit (I just started my own board devoted to those wonderful two-wheeled machines.) As a habitual user of physical pin boards and notes, I like the idea of just pinning up content I find throughout my virtual travels.

Underneath the cloak of being an incredible social media platform, Pinterest offers a lot of potential for businesses if used correctly. By pinning images from your website, pins become valuable for search engine optimization. Small businesses that can use Pinterest and add links to their websites will increase their relevance as seen by search engines such as Google.

A very interesting thought concerning Pinterest is in how consumers find information and learn about products. Currently, to find products you type in the content you are looking for and Google spits out sites and advertisements based on your criteria. But how did you learn about the product in question? At the beginning of a buying decision there is the initial discovery of the product and this is where Pinterest shines. By displaying a visual of products, artwork, ideas and more, Pinterest can play an important part in getting products and services from small business noticed by strong influencers. By monetizing pins through Pinterest, users will have instant access to purchase items they may have never heard about or thought to search for.

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we shop already and it will be image-based sites like Pinterest that have the potential to change shopping even more.

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