Project Description

Red Egg Marketing was tasked with creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for a Denver painting contractor specializing in both commercial and residential painting services. The strategy needed to deliver increased search visibility and rankings for competitive keywords frequently used in online search. We were also responsible for creating and optimizing an ongoing Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign.

Services included making technical on-page SEO changes to make the website more accessible to search engines, developing content for the site aimed to increase search engine rankings and attract more visitors, and performing measurement and analysis to ensure the right keywords were targeted and objectives were achieved.

Case Study: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Red Egg Marketing performed SEO efforts over the course of 10 weeks for Paint Denver. Over 100 keywords were tracked during this period and several were made the focus of new content initiatives for the website. These keywords met several criteria ensuring that we were targeting search queries of high relevance and user intent. In other words, these are keywords searched when a user is researching things like the cost of house painting, tips on what to look for when hiring a house painting contractor, finding painting contractors in the Denver area and other related searches.

Here are some highlights of the results seen just 10 weeks after starting the SEO campaign:

  • Paint Denver’s Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking for 40 of the 100 keywords tracked during this time moved up more than 10 positions.
  • Paint Denver jumped to the first page of Google results for 12 of the keywords after previously being on the second page or lower. Here are a few of them:
    • interior painters denver jumped from #25 to #8
    • painting company denver jumped from #18 to #4
    • house painting denver jumped from #16 to #5
  • Several keywords achieved an increase in Google ranking of greater than 20 positions. Here are some examples:
    • exterior painters denver jumped from #49 to #7
    • exterior house painters denver jumped from #37 to #16
  • Search visibility – or the expected percentage of clicks based on Paint Denver’s rankings for these keywords – improved by over 32% during this short time period.

We are continuing to build upon this strategy for Paint Denver and improve their search visibility using SEO.