The Power of a Hashtag and 3 Ways to Harness It

What is a Hashtag?

In short, a hashtag is a label or tag for content. Hashtags are used in social posts to associate keywords about certain topics that people can search for. They are essential to building awareness across platforms (mainly Instagram and Twitter) and allow users to quickly search for specific relevant content. By adding relevant hashtags to your content, users can more easily find and share it to increase engagement. While you can slap any hashtag you want on a post, there are some scenarios in which using hashtags can be particularly effective.


When hosting, attending or promoting an event, hashtags become extremely powerful. They allow information to be easily shared about the event and people to connect and share ideas and experiences in the form of content and media. Regardless of if your event is as massive as the Grammys or as small as a networking event, hashtags give people a way to digitally share and be involved.


When it comes to viral and immediate news, hashtags make the modern world go around. They allow people to search for up-to-the-minute news on a specific keyword and have become a popular primary news source for many. For example, during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, there were hundreds of tweets with the trending hashtag #BostonMarathon that many people relied on for live updates.


By checking trending hashtags and using them in your posts, you can drive traffic to your content. By using more broad and popular hashtags like #SEO, your content may be quickly buried due to high volume of hashtag use, but by mixing in some more specific, long-tail keywords such as #SEOTips or #ContentMarketing, you not only diversify your search visibility but may show up in searches for longer.

Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen on social platforms and increase your brand’s visibility. When posting content to social media, do a quick search for trending hashtags relevant to your content and try to incorporate them to use them to your advantage.

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