Basic SEO Quick Tips to Get Anyone Started

Search Engine Optimization is possibly the most important piece of every single website. No matter if your goal is to gain clients, sell products online, or even to drive traffic to a physical store, there is no point to having a website without basic SEO; no one will ever see it.

A website without SEO would be kind of like opening a store at the end of a dirt road with no sign and zero advertising. You probably don’t want to depend on getting traffic solely by dumb luck, do you?

Ideally, basic SEO work should be done before a website is published, but if you have a website that you are just now realizing is having some trouble getting found, better late than never to start some basic SEO work. Optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will help you grow higher and higher in search results over time.

Keywording for Basic SEO

The best method I find to start keywording a website from scratch is to imagine your future customer/client sitting down at their computer, ready to type something into Google. What would they type to lead them to you? For example, if you are a realtor for commercial real estate in Denver, Colorado, that term might be something like “office space available in Denver.” Get a list of maybe 20-30 terms started depending on how broad the scope of your website is.

Next, take those keywords and run them through services like Google Trends, Ahrefs, and Moz. Some of these services cost money, however it really is worth paying for quality SEO insights. These services can help give you an idea of if anyone is actually searching these terms, they can suggest similar terms that might be better for SEO, and will even help you figure out how competitive certain keywords are.

Update Your Website Regularly

The more often you update your website, the better. For a steady climb in your organic rank I would recommend updating it multiple times a week, but at least a few times a month at minimum. For a lot of smaller businesses hiring an agency (like, I don’t know, Red Egg Marketing?) to update their website with new content is worth the time it saves them and the long term increases in organic traffic.

Most businesses will make regular website updates in the form of a blog. A blog can be a double whammy because it’s something that makes sense to post new content on often, but you can also implement a lot of keywords here too.

Another way to keep your website fresh is by creating landing pages. A landing page can be to promote a specific product, event, or anything really. Just the act of adding a new page to your website with new written content will tell search engines that your website is active and updated. There is a lot more you can do with landing pages to gain business but they are a good tool for SEO work also.

Building BackLinks

One of the most mysterious parts of basic SEO are backlinks. Backlinks are when your website is linked to from somewhere else on the web. In a simplified explanation, search engines use backlinks in their rankings because it shows that other websites like you and think your website has quality content, so they want to recommend you to their users.

As your website grows, backlinks will come in naturally, but in the beginning you will probably need to either build them yourself or directly ask for them. An easy way to snag a few is by setting up an account for your business on websites like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and any other services that apply to your industry.

Another way to get backlinks is to reach out to websites that are not your direct competitors but that may be in your same industry. For example, if you are a commercial interior designer, reaching out to a few commercial real estate brokers to see if they would list you as a partner is a great way to build both your backlinks and network!

In Summary

Even if you don’t consider yourself the most tech savvy, you can’t afford not to implement basic SEO principles on your website. All of that time and money you put into creating your website will be wasted if no one can find you.