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Reaching Marketing Enlightenment

Are you asking the right questions? When was the last time you took a look back at your marketing plan and reflected? Things may be going well but could they be better? In business, and in life, taking a few hours to think, reflect, and ask the right questions is the most valuable thing you can do. So, when was the last time you did it?

There are hundreds of questions you could be asking yourself. However here are some questions I find useful that will help you get started in your search for marketing enlightenment.

  • What trophy would you like displayed? – People win trophies for being the best at something. What is that one thing that your business absolutely rocks at? Now, let’s tell everyone about it! Show off why you deserve your customer’s business. Promote a Facebook post, write a whitepaper to distribute, and submit an article to a trade publication. Shine up that trophy and display it proudly.
  • What counts that we should be counting? – There are a lot of things that we all consistently overlook. When was the last time you looked at your website bounce rate? Have you ever? That website you built in 2004 worked great then but it may be hurting you now. There are lots of other metrics that could be really helping you make the best use of your marketing dollars. The “what” can also be the “who.” Who counts that we are missing? There is probably a demographic that could be very profitable for you but without looking, you may never know.
  • If I got kicked out of my company, what would the new boss be doing differently? – Sometimes as business owners we are our own worst enemies. We are the ones holding our businesses back so let’s try and figure out why. Imagine someone older or younger took over. What would they do? Would they ramp up the company’s social media presence? Try a pay-per-click advertising campaign? Contribute to your blog more often? Go to more networking events? Host a seminar? Send your clients an email newsletter? Update your website? There are lots of marketing tools that can get you started. Some are even free! Check out some of them here in a previous post.

It always helps to look at things from a different perspective. Marketing is no different. Enlightenment is defined as a full awakening. Try taking a few minutes to realize your full marketing potential and discover your true marketing self. Please let me know if this was helpful and if you have any questions about marketing ideas to grow your business please contact us.