Reputation Management

Review sites like Yelp, Google and Yahoo have become an important part of the buying process. With such little time and so many products and services, consumers are starting to team up and work together in order to avoid making the same mistakes. This proves very unfortunate for businesses that chose to disregard customer service issues and ignore the management of their online presence. It is extremely beneficial for those that listen to their customers, handle issues responsibly, and carefully watch their online presence.

Here are a few tips:

  • Nobody is perfect so do not try to be. You cannot please everyone but you can listen to the customer, admit faults, and offer help.
  • Periodically perform searches. Find out what is being said about you and solve little inconveniences before they turn into large problems.
  • Verify listings. By verifying your status as the owner or an employee of the company, you can be ready to take action on a negative review.
  • Update and complete listings. Although you may not have put your business on Yelp or Google Places, you are probably on there which means someone, maybe completely unrelated to your business, set up the profile. Fix any misinformation and complete your profile to eliminate any confusion a potential customer viewing your profile may encounter.

Social Search is becoming increasingly credible in today’s economy and managing your online presence is vital. Red Egg Marketing offers services from setting up Social Search profiles such as Yelp and Google Places, to managing your business’ online presence. Please contact Red Egg Marketing for a free consultation regarding your online presence.