Red Egg Marketing’s SEO Specialist Shares Her Strategy Secrets

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is sort of this daunting cloud that hangs over every digital marketer’s head. We all know it’s there and we should focus on it, but what is it? How do we utilize this looming cloud and mold it into something we can apply to our content?SEO Specialist Red Egg Marketing

Thankfully, Red Egg Marketing’s SEO Specialist, Angie Quigley, was gracious enough to share some of her industry secrets. We’ll give you a basic rundown on what SEO is and how to grab it by the O and use it to Optimize your content.

It’s without a doubt that there has to be a process to organize your content with the overwhelming amount of it out there on every single webpage. To do so, digital marketers use SEO to organize a website’s content, which helps search engines, like Google, to understand what to show a user when they are searching. A modern SEO strategy is to optimize a web page around topics first, then you can rank well for long-tail keywords related to that topic.

“SEO is utilizing various tactics and practices to enhance a website’s search ranking and ultimately increase the quantity and quality of traffic to it.”

To stay on top of the ever-changing information on SEO, Angie is constantly reading articles. If you’re not staying up with the trends, you’re falling far behind. She developed her personal strategy by reading other people’s tips on SEO, testing them out and mixing them to create her personal blend of strategies that work well for her. And of course, this all changes by the client.

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Angie’s strategy begins by going into an online visibility management platform to see where a site’s pages are ranked and what pages and aspects need the most improvement. Depending on whether Red Egg Marketing has built the website or if she is optimizing an already existing website, the workload changes. If Red Egg Marketing has built the website, the process of optimizing the site and its pages are incorporated into the building of the website. If a client requests to have their existing website optimized, all existing pages need to be optimized, the H1 tag, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. for the keyword we want to rank for.

The keywords need to also be added into the body text and the content needs to be edited to flow well and increase readability. A big task, which many people seem to forget, is editing the alt tags in images to include the keyword. And yes, it takes a long time to optimize a website. Once the website is optimized, to increase the usage of the keyword the client wants to improve on, landing pages and content, such as blog posts, are added.

A difficult side effect that occurs during page optimization is if another keyword is added, it takes away from the main keyword and dilutes the content. This is why landing

pages and blog posts are preferred if you want to add keywords or improve your ranking on keywords.

“Keywords definitely come first before content. You have to determine what you want to rank for in order to know what to write.”

Back in the early days of SEO, stuffing keywords in a page as many times as possible used to be popular, but Google got smarter and quality content became the norm. Nowadays you have to write for both the users and search engines because SEO is based also on how well people engage with pages just as much as how they rank for keywords. Search engines are looking at bounce rates now so if people click to your page and leave immediately due to low-quality content, it will rank lower. On the other hand, if people are actively reading and clicking on links, it’ll give you a higher ranking.Digital Marketing Clients SEO

Another great way for you to rank higher is to use backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage and definitely the most important trend. This slightly meanders into the sales side of SEO by proposing to write guest posts for other sites to link to your site from. Going after bigger, more well-known sites makes your site more trustworthy and credible.

“My focus all depends on the client, but I love adding new content to sites and optimizing that content how I want it. I like having more of a creative license so, I really enjoy writing blog posts and creating landing pages.”

There you have it, some industry secrets that are not-so-secret anymore. There’s a lot to focus on with SEO and it can get overwhelming, but with specialists like Angie in the industry helping guide you with tips and tricks, it won’t be too intimidating. If you would like a pro to help optimize your page to rank higher in search results, give Red Egg Marketing a call! Angie will be glad to help you out! (720) 446-6640