SEO Tips for the Little Guy

Many companies out there will spend thousands of dollars a month on search engine optimization services in order to rank at the top of search results. For those of us with smaller budgets, how can we compete with that?

Recently Google made another update to its search engine algorithm it called Penguin. Penguin focuses search a bit more on content and social interaction in an effort to curb black hat SEO tactics like content scraping and excessive keywords. This is to the advantage of companies that provide real value with their websites and their social media presence.

Here are a few tips that us little people can do to help us compete in rankings and organically appear higher in Google search results:

  • Keep it fresh. Static websites will be hurt by the new Google search algorithm. This makes a blog an even more important piece of your social media strategy. Blogging will help add relevance to your website and add value for your visitors.
  • Keep it original. Don’t just copy and paste ideas from other blogs or rearrange the words. Penguin is rewarding businesses that develop useful and original content for their website.
  • Keep it real. It is important that we as bloggers write for our audience, not for the robots. When you write for your customers, it increases your value as a resource. Penguin was developed to weed out the individuals trying to cheat the system and increase the relevance of genuine content.
  • Keep it shareable. I have talked about Google+ and the influence of social media on SEO before. Posts that get organically shared through social media, especially through Google+, will hold higher relevance in search results. Encourage your readers to share your posts if they deem them valuable.

I believe that building a website using WordPress gives the little guy lots of advantages when it comes to SEO. It’s blogging capabilities and built in SEO features give you a giant head start on optimizing your site. If you have any questions regarding search engine optimization or website development, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, feel free to share this article if you found it valuable!