Develop Loyal Followers, Increase Engagement and Accurately Target Audiences with Social Media Marketing

From helping you define clear objectives to the expertise required to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape, our social media marketing strategies don’t come in packages; they are developed and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

The beauty of social media is that it offers many distinct opportunities for marketing and advertising that increase touch points across followers of your brand and connections to those followers. Specific audiences can also be targeted to increase brand exposure and engagement as well as increase traffic to your website and improve lead generation.

We’ll help you accomplish your goals by managing every aspect of your social media presence, so you can focus on managing your business.

Our Social Media Services are #Awesome


  • Content creation
  • Posting to brand and personal social media accounts on your behalf
  • Monitoring and responding quickly to social media activity including mentions or new comments on your pages and posts
  • Continuous measurement of social media metrics with reporting and analysis


  • Sophisticated audience targeting based on demographics, interests and behavior
  • Creation of ad content including creative, graphic design and copywriting
  • Retarget website visitors using Facebook Pixel and related tracking technologies
  • Continuous measurement and tracking of exposure, engagement, website traffic and/or event-based goals for each campaign


  • Using tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we can perform outreach on your behalf, identifying and targeting specific users and creating customized and personalized messaging
  • Growing your social media presence through strategic following, networking and commenting
Researching and finding the most engaging content to post on your social media pages can be challenging and very time-consuming. Working with Red Egg on your social media management and advertising means leaning on a diverse team of marketing experts. We have considerable experience working in a wide variety of industries ranging from large companies in complex B2B markets to small businesses with a focus on engaging with local communities.

We will craft the right content based on your audience and objectives, create custom images or artwork as needed, link to and mention relevant and timely stories, use appropriate hashtags to increase exposure and audience reach, and create clear calls to action. We offer these capabilities across all widely-used social media platforms.

A benefit of social media advertising is the ability to define and target audiences with incredible accuracy and specificity. The ever-evolving set of tools available to marketers on platforms like Facebook allow us to target audiences based on location, age, and interests to name a few.

For example, if a bike shop located in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver is promoting mountain bikes, we may decide to target ads only to users in their mid-twenties to late-fifties that reside in the zip codes surrounding the RiNo neighborhood and who also have shown interest in downhill mountain biking, Enduro mountain biking, mountain bikes, mountain bike racing and other relevant topics.

This allows us to create highly specific audiences of the right size and profile for your individual advertising purposes for optimal results and cost-effectiveness.

Targeted outreach is a powerful way to deliver customized and personalized messaging to prospects through social media. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated targeting tool used for outreach on LinkedIn, providing the capability to directly message people or companies that fit your target prospect profile. Red Egg can handle the time-consuming effort of searching for and identifying the right prospects, creating personalized messaging and delivering it on your behalf.

We can use data on existing prospects from your CRM, lists or other sources as well to guide our outreach strategies. Responses to the outreach can be delivered directly to you for immediate action. As a secondary benefit, targeted outreach increases your connections and followers of your brand by raising awareness through new interactions.

When we develop a social media strategy with you, we measure all available metrics and activity associated with any campaigns. We determine what metrics are important to your objectives, and we continuously monitor and report on those metrics to provide insights on the success of the campaigns and ongoing adjustments to our strategy. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques used for targeting audiences as well as tracking effectiveness.

Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful social media platforms when it comes to the extent of targeting possibilities and event-based measurement and analytics. We can utilize these capabilities to measure exposure and engagement not only on Facebook and Instagram but also connect your social media efforts back to events on your website, such as form submissions, email signups and more.

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In a landscape flooded with deception and failed promises, Red Egg shines as a beacon of honesty and effective marketing practices. They're good folks to work with, too. I've worked with a number of marketing firms concurrently since I started my business (no less than 4) and Red Egg has been the only company that still has my digital marketing business. In fact, they have actually come to earn the vast majority of my marketing/advertising budget.Every other "digital marketing company" I have worked with has promised the moon but has failed to deliver a positive return on investment exceeding the cost of the service they rendered. In most cases, it hasn't even been close. Red Egg actually does what they say they are going to do, which has led to a positive ROI for my company. Furthermore, I actually enjoy working with them and know I can expect honest answers, professional advice, and fair prices.
Andrew Rohr
Andrew Rohr
17:59 07 Sep 17
I enjoy working with Red Egg Marketing. They are professional, easy-going and creative.
julie Chalpan
julie Chalpan
14:19 23 Dec 17
I've worked with Red Egg on several projects over the years and can't recommend them enough! Ryan and his team are responsive, creative, and a lot of fun to work with. I look forward to working with you guys on more projects!
Curtis Durham
Curtis Durham
18:02 22 Mar 17
Hiring Red Egg Marketing is one of the best business decisions I have made in the past year. As a new business owner who doesn’t mind admitting to being overwhelmed with the whole social media/social search/SEO world, I was thrilled to find Ryan to give me some guidance (or really, just do it all for me!). The time he took to initially understand our industry, my business model, and his ongoing effort to learn what makes us unique is refreshing, and he has really helped me prioritize how we should work on building our brand. What I’ve probably enjoyed the most about working with Ryan is his patience, both with my learning curve and also my crazy ideas – he is very open to editing the plan and trying things we want to do, as long as they make sense from a marketing perspective (and I also appreciate that he doesn’t hesitate to tell me when they don’t!). I feel like I have a great partner who shares my interest in growing the business and would recommend Red Egg Marketing without hesitation.
Amy Abraham
Amy Abraham
19:31 22 Mar 14
I am a small business owner here in Denver and have used a few other marketing companies but will only recommend Red Egg. Ryan at Red Egg is constantly thinking of strategies and ways to bring your business to the next level. They cover the basics and then use creative ways to take your business beyond that. Every time they help us to implement a new marketing strategy we see a burst of growth in the business and a buzz of excitement from our customers. We went from 8 people "talking" about us on our Facebook page to over 70 within 3 months of using Red Egg!
18:29 11 Dec 12
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