Social Media Advertising: Why It Works

Social media advertising is the fastest way to see results in the digital marketing world. The endless creative possibilities and sophisticated targeting options allow you to put exactly what you want in front of exactly who you want, when you want. Still not convinced? Read on.

Target Specific Audiences

Social media advertising allows you to place ads where you know your target consumers are going to see it. What could be more valuable than that? By knowing exactly who your target audience is and where they spend most of their “scrolling time”, you can strategically place ads where you know they will see them. This leads to higher impressions that matter and ultimately higher conversions.

Retarget Interested Visitors

Another powerful social media advertising tool is the ability to retarget certain people. Whether they’ve visited your website in the past month or viewed a certain page on your site, we have the ability to target ads specifically to people we know are already interested in your product or service. It’s been proven that targeting previous website visitors with personalized ads results in a much higher chance of them ultimately converting.

Endless Creative Possibilities

Social media advertising’s creative license knows no bounds. Images, videos, and text can be changed and enhanced an endless number of times resulting in consistently fresh new ads. In today’s highly visual world, it’s important that your content stands out and immediately grabs attention. Due to the minimal effort and time it takes to change a social media ad’s creative, we can use real-time feedback to alter messaging and visuals to until we see desired results. Can a billboard do that?

Highly Measurable Results

Not only are social media ads highly customizable, but their results are extremely easy to analyze. Depending on your advertising goal, there are a multitude of statistics that can be reviewed to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For example, if an ad designed to increase awareness of a product promotion has a much higher click-through rate when consumers are shown a video rather than a single image, we can implement a video advertising strategy to drive higher engagement and impressions.

Social media advertising is not only a vital part of a business’ digital marketing strategy but also usually one of the fastest to demonstrate ROI. If your business needs exposure and it needs it now, social media ads are the way to go.

At Red Egg, we have extensive experience creating and optimizing highly effective social media ads that result in increased engagement or conversions. Give us a call to see how we can transform your business’ social media ad game.