Social Media Metrics You Should be Measuring: Conversions

Depending on what goals you have when running a social media campaign, the metrics that you focus on may vary. While it is good to know what all metrics mean and why they are important, having the ability to highlight those with the most influence and explain how they are affecting your specific campaign’s bottom line, is much more impressive. Throughout this 3-part blog series, we will go over which metrics matter for different types of campaigns and why. Finishing us off, is conversions.


Conversions are the end of the road for all social media campaigns. Whether you’re looking to increase your page likes or increase traffic to your landing page, the end goal is a conversion of one or the other. By comparing the amount of conversions your campaigns receive, you will be able to determine which were successful and learn what your audience responds well to.

Page Likes/Followers

When the goal of your campaign is to attain more page likes or followers, these actions become conversions. A successful campaign will see a large increase in the amount of page likes/followers and can be easily measured to show results. Simply put, if you are running two different ads and one is resulting in a much higher number of followers than the other, continue running the ad with the higher number of conversions.

Landing Page Views

By setting landing page views to be your campaign conversion of choice, you are able to see the exact number of people who clicked through on your ad and actually viewed your set landing page. You can compare these landing page views to other landing pages in Google Analytics to compare bounce rate, time on site and other metrics to see how well visitors engaged once visiting your campaign’s landing page. This can give you good insights into whether people clicked on your ad and stayed to look around or liked the look of your ad but were turned off by your landing page.

Link Clicks

Another common type of campaign conversion is a link click. These are easy to measure and offer a clear way to compare the performance of your ads. The more link clicks your ad receives, the better your audience is responding to it. If you usually receive around 100 link clicks per week and you start a new ad that starts receiving 300, you know your audience is responding to that content better and should tailor your social media campaign strategy to reflect that.

Seeing immediate campaign results in the form of conversions can feel great, but it is ultimately what you do with that data that determines your success. Conversions give you immediate insight into your target audience’s likes and dislikes, so if you use that information to better yourself and improve the effectiveness of your ads, you become highly competitive.

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