Social Media Metrics Should You be Measuring: Traffic

Depending on what goals you have when running a social media campaign, the metrics that you focus on may vary. While it is good to know what all metrics mean and why they are important, having the ability to highlight those with the most influence and explain how they are affecting your specific campaign’s bottom line, is much more impressive. Throughout this 3-part blog series, we will go over which metrics matter for different types of campaigns and why. This week’s topic – increase traffic.


Now we’re not talking about the 5 pm standstill of cars on the highway here. These campaigns are used to increase traffic whether it be to your website, app, or physical location. When your campaign generates traffic, you’ll want to know what social media content drove that traffic and why. By tracking some key metrics, you’ll be able to track both of those interactions and more.

Link Clicks

When creating a social media ad, you are required to select a goal metric. When your goal is to increase traffic, an option to do so is with link clicks. By tracking how many people clicked on your ad’s link, you can see how well it is performing. For example, if your ads normally receive around 100 link clicks in a day and one, in particular, is receiving 10 per day, you can infer that your audience isn’t as interested in that ad’s copy or content as the others.

Landing Page Views

Similar to link clicks, landing page views are another metric you can choose to track when creating social media ads. This, just like it sounds, will track the number of people who click on your ad and visit the landing page you have specified. This is helpful in determining whether people found your landing page engaging enough to stay on the site and look around, instead of simply bouncing when they see where the ad led.

Google Analytics

When utilizing Google Analytics, you have the ability to track website sessions and page views. These not only tell you how many people visited your site over a certain time period, but the source of that traffic and which pages visitors found most useful and engaging. This can give you further insights into the way your customers engage with your site and which landing pages will are the most effective for your social media campaigns.

Measuring traffic metrics can give you insights into your target market that simply evaluating engagement cannot. By understanding what your audience does when they are on your site, or even how they found it, can show you what they like and don’t like when it comes to content. This can ultimately reinforce or change the way you interact with them in the future.