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Social Media: Take it Personally

Okay, okay, okay. Maybe this wasn’t the greatest title. I’m not saying that if someone says your business stinks that you should take offense. Even worse, you definitely shouldn’t take so much offense that you come back at them with “You Stink!” What I mean is that in order for social media to really work with business, there has to be a personal touch.

Whether you choose to manage your social media or your hire an outside company like Red Egg Marketing to manage it for you, in one aspect or another you, or someone at your company, will have to be involved. Consumers are not dummies. They can see right through insincerity on social media. Why be fake anyway? Don’t you want your customers to genuinely connect with your business?

Here are some ideas to add a personal touch to your social media profiles.

  1. Add pictures of people – What better way to personalize your social media profiles than adding pictures of staff creating your product or service and customers enjoying it? Posts of people pictures are perfect participation promoters. (That was fun to say right?)
  2. Ask questions and respond to feedback – Posts that promote engagement invoke a more personal connection to the brand. Ask customers to review products, give their ideas for new products or services, or ask their opinion about current offerings.
  3. Share real stories – Every business is in the business of helping others in some fashion. Share with your followers real stories about people using your product of service.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being personal on social media. There are a million ways to interact with your following on a personal level. Find out what works best for your company by trying different approaches. And just like mom said “be yourself.” Unless you’re a jerk. Then try being someone else.