What Are Targeted Ads on Social Media?

Social media marketing is really only effective when the ads are targeted at the specific audience that would most likely buy or use your product or service. That’s why there’s something called Targeted Ads!

Targeted ads use social media insights and inferences into consumer likes, dislikes, interests, willingness to buy, and more to find out who is most likely to buy or use your product or services, so your ads are effective. Think about it, if you’re advertising baby clothes to people without babies or even close to having babies, you’re wasting your money because the odds of them buying your product are extremely low. Instead, we use a variety of tools to research who is most likely to purchase your product or service then use those insights to target them directly on the social media platforms they use the most.

It takes a lot of knowledge to utilize these tools to curate ads to target people who match your consumer profile to best fit your ad campaign. That’s where we come in. As an experienced social media marketing agency, we know what it takes to get you in front of the people who matter.

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